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Hey, this is a wonderful game which I enjoy very much... but there is one HUGE problem... lag. I've played it on a laptop with a geforce 1060 and a pc with a 1080, which should handle this game very well. But once I hit around 5 chairlifts it starts cutting frames every few seconds which makes the game nearly unplayable...  Would really love a responce KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. (and please fix this I'll play the game so much more)

edit: will have a video in a few minutes, also I play on windows if that is the problem :D

Decided to get it off of as I saw a comment about it. IT WORKED and this is what I made (took a screenshot now just because it was about to crash, still building though, just VERY slowly) 

Finally crashed after 92 runs and 1152 skiers... Had a great time playing a working version  would send you a final product image  but you know, it crashed.  Although if you optimize this more I'd have an even greater time :D

I'd expect the game to give you way more experts than beginners with the amount of black ski runs you have :P

In the end, I had the same issues as you when I reached about 3k skiers... It was on the brink of crashing.