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The game normally has two life pots.

  • Jenka gives you the first.
  • A dog in the plantation gives you the 2nd if you've already used Jenka's by that point. This dog will also always give you a life capsule.

Jenka's Life Pot actually isn't randomized, because I'm silly and keep forgetting to add it.

The both of the items which the dog gives you are randomized. And I've removed the already-has-Life-Pot check, so the dog should always give you two items, regardless of whether you're holding a Life Pot or not.

So, to summarize: I don't think there's anything strange about what happened to you which would lead me to believe that there's a bug. Maybe just a lot of people don't realize that in a normal play-through you can get two Life Pots. I'll remember to randomize Jenka's Pot in the next release, though!

Thanks for playing!