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So I tinkered around with this game for a bit and here's what I think.

It was pretty well summed up in being a fun and quirky platformer.  The story doesn't take itself to seriously, which is nice.  This time, it's a princess who captures a princess.  My biggest issue is with the controls.  I don't know why, but I seemed to struggle with them quite a bit.  I failed to make simple jumps quite often.  I don't know if I'm just bad or if something is wrong, but that takes a few points off on my score.  Also, I had one time where when I was hurt, it interrupted my jump arc and I fell into a pit of spikes.  Not sure what I think of that.  Also, the keys were in a weird spot for all the controls.  This game definitely benefit with custom key mapping, which I learned on the main menu.  The arrow keys were obvious enough to navigate, but when the enter key and space key didn't select the chioce, I had to drag my finger accross my keyboard to find what key selected the highlighted option.  I eventually found out it was Z, which is not intuitive to me at all.  Also, I had some difficulties keeping the abilities straight while playing.  Jump and shield use the same finger, so I couldn't use both at the same time.  I would say I'm not sure where to take the story, but then I thought about Mario and how similar this game was to it, and retracted that statement.  Overall, it's a solid game with some potential, but there's other games that I feel do what this does better.  Maybe with some additional polish, this game can stand out, but I can't anything for sure.