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Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy!!! This game is honestly the most beautiful game I have ever played before in my life! Everything about it is just perfect I can't stop my crying ohmygoodness. I just finished the romantic ending and ughhhhhhhhhh my heart, my soul, everything is crying I just can't Silas...his character as a whole and how the story plays out is so much more awesome than I ever imagined. Also the protagonist is extremely well thought out too, all of it is thought out to the most optimum standard. I've become so attached and now I'm scared to do the other routes...AGHH just the thought of Silas sacrificing himself make me want to cry even more! Throughout the game I became more and more captivated by the story. Especially at the end, jesusweptohmygoodnessholymarysweetmotherofgod the endingggggg every single line was beyond perfect, I can't even express all the emotions I'm currently feeling!!! I'm so happy I found this game, thank you Agashi and team for creating such an enthralling game, I am honestly at a loss for words...thank you, thank you again and again and again!!!!!