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in case you're wondering what the story is about... definately not PG for sure(not PG as in pretty much everything, ranging from the mild psychopathic demi-human characters to pretty much anything that ya don't want to have happen to yourself.) I'll tell you this: the main character is a ninetails who starts of acting like a pyschopath but ends up into the most miserable fur ball you could get out of a hybrid(that's what I call the half animal, half human/human like people... because there are aliens who aparently are just humans from a different planet that look the same as us).  also she's immortal and I'll probably end the current line of the story I'm on with her being too depressed to do anything apart from sitting in the corner with her kids(yes she has kids... about 16 to be exact... why did I give her that much?) trying to get her to stop being somewhat suicidal... 

yeah... definately not PG and definately weirder than most stories where the main character is the only one who doesn't break as much as the others... it only started as a joke thing, now I hold the responsiblity for destroying the poor imaginery girl's life.