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Hello and excuse me, Remypost. I'll be delighted if you as the developer of this videogame allowed or giving me a permission as I wanted to made a Haunted Corny Maize's fancomic in a traditional comicbook published form. This fancomicbook will be about alternate world. I apologize but in this alternate world I will changed the characters sexes or genders. I'll be delighted again if you allowed me to write and draw Haunted Corny Maize in alternate world. Thank you very much, Remypost. I'll be glad if you allowed me. Your videogame titled Haunted Corny Maize is an interesting piece of your hardworks. 

Hi! I'm very flattered you would consider making a fan comic of my little game! however, i will have to decline if the genders and sexes of the characters cannot be maintained. the point of this game was to celebrate women loving women and these characters were very important to me when i was younger. if they were to be adapted and change the fact that these characters are all LGBTQ+ women, it would change the intent of the original game. i am very appreciative that you would reach out and ask this, but i am sorry i will have to decline your request.

I understood, Remypost. I apologize if I really upset you. I should know from the start Haunted Corny Maize and its characters were very meaningful to the creator. I feel like the world so bright that I founded a videogame creator who cherished his own videogame from the characters to the stories. Yes, I cancelled the comicbook project. I'm happy, the creator listen and open his voices to my permission for making a fan project. Thank you very much, Remypost. Thank you for being a good listener, understand customers, polite, and active developer.

you did not upset me, I really appreciate you reaching out before committing to the project. I hope you are able to find ample inspiration for your work in maybe mine and other's games in the future and continue working on what you enjoy! best of luck!

Thank you very much for supporting and encouraging my projects, my dreams, and myself, Remypost. Keep writing and developing videogames! Don't give up! Your videogames are awesome! It's also awesome this one man can create masterpieces by himself! The man, he isn't average Joe. I know all your videogames are created by your own sweats and unbreakable bones, Remypost. Its really show that it's must be from a very hard work.