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cool game! I really liked it! I escaped in 16 days! 

I wish that it was a bit harder to survive. Like, maybe make it so that it doesn't rain every two days so that you don't get suuper much water (cause I made 2 water collectors on day two, so day one was the only day where I got -water) , and instead add a sea water purifier to the crafting set (since, you know - you can make sea water drinkable by cooking it and collecting the drinkable steam) so that you can get more water later in the game but not right in the beginning.

Oh and add a pickaxe! 

Foraging berries becomes useless after you've built the fishing rod, which makes the basket pretty useless unless it is suuper cheap to craft. (I crafted it after crafting the fishing rod so I just never used it. I had no need to forage for berries anymore and it only told me that I would get 1 food anyways, so dunno what was so "effiecient" about the basket).

When the clock turns 21, the character doesn't even finish the task they're doing, not even if they have alot of energy left - why can't you be up past your bedtime? 

I feel like this game could use some threat. Something more to survive from and not just hunger and food. Sanity never went down for me at all (probably because I had an abundance of food and water). But it'd be cool with something more "exciting" going on. Maybe enemies? maybe natural catastrophies? maybe the ability to get inured while doing chores?

Different endings could also be cool: Like - wait to be rescued, start a life on the island, or the raft ending!

Also - Why didn't we bring our little buddy with us on the raft? (*^*)

Anyways - cool game!