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Just a small update this week. I'm planning for a big update soon where I want to go over some story elements, upload a ton of new images and gifs and also some concept art. This is because I'm close to having all the mechanics for the game completed, meaning I can focus on things like the story, the level design, gun design and other cool stuff like that. So the next post will be a big description of everything I have so far, like an overview I suppose.

So this week I got the map fog working, which uncovers as you explore, along with a marker to show on the map where you are. Also finished saving the gangs, and their locations on the map, with their names and colours and logos and everything else. Wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.

Thanks for checking out Red Desert!

Yeah I'll have a huge update soon where I'll go over everything so far; all the existing mechanics, some story stuff, concept art and where I see everything going.