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Did you enjoy it?: Yes, very much so^^

Who was your favorite character?: Either Licorice or Cream. Licorice because his personality was strangely endearing (his strange mannerisms and such really made me like him, for some odd reason) and Cream because I relate to her a lot (not the whole buff and strong part, but rather the "wants-to-fight-everything" and nonchalant attitude).

Favorite part?: Definitely all of the characters interacting with each other. (I'll admit that I had a soft spot for Cotton x Cream from the first play through and was verrrrry happy when I discovered their ending).

Least favorite part?: I realllllly wanted to know more about Licorice. Why "Jeffery"? What exactly was his childhood like? Do him and Toffee ever get married? (These are all very important questions, I promise^^)

What parts could be improved?: The dialogue seemed a little iffy at times, and some of the transitions from scene-to-scene seemed strange, but other than that I loved everything! (Well, there was also a strange bug during Cream's route where you both get in the hot springs and Toffee doesn't have any hair. That was kinda scary.)

Would you like to see more games from Fablesoft Studios?: Definitely!

Did you have trouble getting all the endings?: Not in particular. I just went through and replayed different routes while choosing different choices to get all of the endings :)

Glad you enjoyed it! I have to tell you I could not stop laughing when I read your comment- I realized what had happened immediately xD Sorry about that! It's all fixed now if you'd like to download a version that has hair LOL