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Thank you for the feedback!

I have already dealt with some of the things you mention; In my working version, The encounter rate has been drastically reduced. I have made the first few fights a little bit easier. Also, the starting will be a lot easier now, as I have changed it so that you always start combat with full HP (unless KO'd). 

You are right that the dialogues are a little oddly shaped; I run all text through a separate translation function, in which I did not have the time to perfect before the due date for the IGMC. I am aware of the indent that happens as a result of that function, and I will be fixing it shortly. As for the names: I was split as to whether or not to use Yanfly's message core or not for displaying the names. I like my own way too, and left it like that because I didn'thave enough time for it. I will probably change to the Yanfly plugin way of doing it, simply because having the name displayed in the message leaves too little space for the message.

As for revival items: I have intentionally left them out of the shops, because I want them to be rare, and valuable for that reason, and transitively to make KO more of a dangerous state. At the moment, there is only one revival item in the game. 

As for item descriptions: Actually, most things have descriptions. All equipment has, but not 3 of the 4 usable items. Considering there is only 1 of the last item, effectively you are right that most items lack descriptions. I have added descriptions to said items now.

You are right that the mage is killed off a bit too quick. Her death has important meaning for the underlying story, and I wanted to squeeze it in. If not for the play time being supposed to be around 1 hour, I would have had that happen at a slightly later point. 


Then, after the first dungeon is completed, the shop should have second grade potion that can heal a little more than the normal one. At that point, going in to the second dungeon, I had 99 potions that only helped but so much. Especially, when the second boss rolled around.

The equipment have descriptions, which is why I specifically said that most items have none.

Well, I have nothing else that can be said in terms of feedback since you seemed to worked most of that out. So I suppose I'll leave off with this...

Astrid is best girl. No question. Again, best of luck for your game.

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Hmm, you are right that the potions grow rather irrelevant a bit quickly, enough to warrant making a new potion for the second dungeon. That is a good point, actually. I will look into that.