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I honestly unironically kinda liked it. I will spend some time rating the meme itself. The meme is trash because it is overused and used by a lot of normies in an "Hello fellow kids"! way.  But this meme is extremely wholesome. There are no ironic and edgy punchlines, this meme looks like an 2010 meme because of wholesomeness. That makes it just awesome. Now back to the game. It wasn't good or bad. It was ok, the lebron model was kinda funny and bad at the same time so nothing that bad. The game is better then most of the games because i literally saw one time somebody uploaded a picture of a duck to this website. I recommend you to make more original models and try making cutscenes and dialogue and chase scenes. So, 6.7/10. Don't get me wrong. For a meme this is an awesome game but overall it's ok.

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Thanks for your attention! It was sort of me testing my strengths in 3d games for the first time and I'm very happy with the result of it all. I wanted to add and polish some things after the jam ends but for now thank you for trying it and your review!