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I ran this a few weeks ago as a relatively inexperienced GM with two totally newbie players. We had an absolute blast. Players really got into the characters thanks to the juicily lucid descriptions on the sheets. Running the whole thing felt pretty easy even with my absolute fear of being under prepped.  The clocks system was perfect for illustrating the rising peril.

Literally rising peril for one character who, stuck halfway up a ladder, found his ankle gradually gnawed away from below. Between a pig and a bell-tower, if you will.

Only slight concern (mine, players were happy) was the feeling that I railroaded the whole thing a bit too much, which I think was me rather than the scenario. It is a fairly linear setup which helps keep it simple to run and more accessible for the new player, I suspect.

Thank you Marsh and Jim - can't wait to try the next two out on some poor grubes.