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I was going to write like a three page essay on this game and why you should get this, but I'll just do a quick list:

1. Developer is extremely easily accessible and is active in the community, which is a huge turn on for me.

2. Community in general is pretty vibrant and broad and extremely helpful and sometimes knowledgable about the game.

 3. Game is extremely well defined and does what it says it does in the description.

 4. When you get friends involved, game is extremely fun to play with together with friends. 

5. Overall game mechanics are fairly well flushed out and developed, with lots of input from the community. 

6. Excellent timekiller! There are more pros, but they would just get more and more detailed and I think that should be more than enough to help you decide if you want the game or not. There are many, many more pros than cons for this game right now, even though it looks about even here, because I didn't list many of the smaller pros of this game. Overall, I would say this game is definitely worth picking up, even it's free, because the developer is extremely active and supportive and because the community is so helpful and kind towards new players, and because there are going to be more updates for this game soon.