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Wow that's quite a lot written up! I have to thank you for putting so much effort into all this. But you are correct on it, it is really just a demo. Because I was kind of the only person working on it I ran out of time rather quickly. From sound effects, to making the sprites to even programming it. I had to borrow some music since I couldn't make it. But, that doesn't excuse the quality of it! I wish to come back to this with more content and a a nice huge fix. There is so much that isn't explained and even so much that people might not even notice. Like how after a certain point the hands will send you to a darker dimension. But, because the game is so short you never really see that at all. So, it makes me sad.

Now, as much as I'd like to continue working on this, I am working on my main project. I hope to have it posted one day and it will absolutely be worked on 100% since I kind of want to sell it if I can. (While this game will remain free)

Regardless, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to play my game. It means a lot!