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This comment contains spoilers, which are marked with strikethroughs.

I absolutely ADORE this VN. I've never read a visual novel that is so packed with character development, depth, and a really compelling storyline. Favorite routes are Karma's and Fritz's. I didn't initially read the recommended sequence of routes, so I did Fritz's route last, but I think that that was the right choice on my part, because Fritz's route was a heck of an emotional rollercoaster, so much that I even pretty much consider it the "true ending" (maybe also because it ends with magic being gone forever, which creates a lot of bittersweetness to it that I really enjoy in the endings of stories). This is also the reason why Varg is my second favorite character, and his unrequited love for Lucette kind of killed me inside (even though technically Varg and Fritz are the same person). Karma, or Klaude, is definitely my absolute favorite. His route had the most depth and twists and turns, and I was definitely not expecting him to turn into a beast. But this is what is amazing about this visual novel, in that it takes classic fairy tales that you've known your entire life, and changing it into something unique.

Now more on the elements outside of story and routes. The art is AMAZING. There are so many unique sprites and CGs for almost anything you can and can't expect in the story. The GUI design is phenomenal. The animations and effects are superbly done. From the moment I first opened the game, I was instantly stunned by how beautiful everything was. I was definitely drawn in by all of that, and I think most readers were and will be.

Lastly, I'd like to say that because each and every character has so much backstory to all of them, I forged a really strong connection with almost all of them. Mark my words, I am not the type of person to really bond with fictional characters (I prefer just getting absorbed into the story), but I really did for this game. Which is why, again, Fritz's route was so intense for me. So many characters I had grown to love in the other routes ended up dying, and just the ending itself was very bittersweet. The only negative thing I can say is that I feel like Waltz's route was a tiny bit of a disappointment, in that it could have been expanded further. I still have a lot of questions about everything. If Waltz's family was killed by Hildyr, then where did Myth come from? Things like that. And I also feel that in Fritz's route, it still didn't really make sense why he loves Lucette, since her struggle wasn’t really apparent in the beginning of the game. But I guess that he is her personal knight after all, and he knows more than we did when we first started playing. (Did I mention that he knows a lot of stuff about Lucette? So much that it’s sort of creepy? xD) But I think that the whole Varg thing made up for that. I sort of wish that Varg and Fritz would be combined back into one person, instead of Varg being completely erased, because I just adore Varg a lot… probably because after so many routes of me wondering who on Earth he is, I finally get some clarification about him, and I get to know more about him and why he did the stuff he did.

Anyway, this review stretched way longer than I thought it would. Thank you all so much for making this amazing VN, and I’m really really looking forward if y’all are ever thinking of making another one! Awesome work. I rate this 10/10, and I would 100% play again.