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I made a little video about your game! and I just wanna say that I like it! the atmosphere gave me Amnesia vibes! although the jumpscares tend to get old in about 10 minutes, the game was good nonetheless, I also made a short review (a full one coming soon) at the end of the video just so I can help you with your career as a Developer (Please do take notes about them if you're planning to watch the video because I think I made some criticisms and one of them is regarding the repetitive jumpscares that I think will help you a lot)! 

Oh, and I forgot to mention a bug or a glitch; the monster that chases you can phase through doors which makes them harder to avoid and/or hide from! It would be nice if there's some kind of door-break animation if they spotted me going to a room just so the monster wouldn't appear so ghostly! again, I like your game, it's not perfect but definitely in the (almost) above average side!