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so cool!!! can't wait for the whole game!!! OMG i can't imagine how the story will turn out. love the characters they are so beautiful. this is original and well planned from what i have seen till now, although the picture of the heroine sleeping in class reminds me a bit of doki doki literature club, but i think it is only me.

I am not one to critic other work because i have no experience in such things but the monologue of the heroine sometimes feels repetitive and plain. for example she says to many times that nothing interesting happens in the village and the rumors is exciting to her. but again i can't judge this game when it is not the full one. sorry if i offended you i had no intention to hurt or offend anyone it is just my thoughts. also i think i have so many mistakes(English isn't my native language**is that how i say it, "native language"?**)