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in order to fix the multiple entry problem there are a few options you could take:

1. instead of adding a given entry have a dialogue option merely switch a (readable/hidden) i/o trigger to possitive.  basically all entries are in your book from the start, you just cant read them. with this a per save file and a as it is lived through option would both be easy to do.

2. when you have the go back option have a bit of code search for the entry triggers and remove said entries

3. make a given "add entry" command check for a file by that name first

4. have the encyclopedia check for and remove duplicates wheneveer it is opened up

5. have the game remove the entry summon command after it has been done once

6. have the reverse thing actually not reverse but instead create an identicle scenario that happened after what you already did but that wont trigger one time things again

I did the first, but the problem is that renpy rolls back save-dependent variables and the encyclopaedia I'm using is save-dependent, rendering that option unfeasible.

The rest relies on actually figuring out code, but I'm using this encyclopaedia framework .

The safest option would be simply to use hidden entries that get "unlocked", but I'm trying to keep the actual number of entries hidden :)

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ah, that makes good sense for you reasons.  

1: hmm yeah, that does make it rather tough, probably not possible to fix unless the encyclopedia was also linked in the same way entirely.

2: lol, yeah, code can be a pain to create, fair enough, and ill read that file in a sec

3: if you make each entry and its page itself hide then it would basically just skip the page and stuff.  or you could have mixes of text and art and stuff so that even if it shows pages the actual amount of knowlege and stuff are hidden well behind blur and mystic moving stuff.  you could even have it so that the "missing" pages kinda flit in and out of screen in the background with just lots of torn pages gaps in the spine of the book to say "well there is at the least a bit more to find" or something, or even just the flitting pages, to kind of give an idea of "you are not done yet" but it could be closer than they think or farther

p.s. read through the program, what about making the reverse time button trigger a re-locking of the hidden files? just have each chapter have a specific "key" in it that will call the re-lock function for all things in that chapter?