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Wow. That's a lot of feedback :D Let me go through it!

- Just 1 XP
- I welcome all feedback about text and language! As I'm not a native English speaker, I reckon there are loads of grammar mistakes :(
- Ah yes I made some changed on that part
- I don't think I've changed that, so yes, probably RNG
- I think I've lowered the chance for that, but yes that's a good start right :)
- Yes, that would be optimal, but also limiting the choice space. I think I like a bit of randomness there. I've made sure that at the first merchant you can always get the 2 weapons you didn't get. So that soothes out the RNG a bit.
- Thanks! I hear that from more people. Actually I have a story on the backlog to add a quest notebook or something, but I think it'll have to wait...
- That's a great tactic ;)
- Ah yes, I've had this comment before. I understand its a nuisance, but I also like it for the clearness it gives. I'll have to think about this one...
- I'm trying to tune down the amount of enemies a bit, that will hopefully save weapons as well.
- Glad you like him!
- I agree the end boss could be a bit more climactic. Thanks for those suggestions, I'll think about it.
- I'm going to tune down the snakes, because I think they are too hard as well. I'll probably turn down the amount from 2-3 to 1-2 and lower their life a bit. And yes, I use that same tactic as well. Got to love Elixirs :)
- Yes it does :)
- That's weird. I checked it here and don't see anything suspicious. I have changed it so that the icon only shows up in the inventory, though.
- I agree that's a bit out of range. I'll change it back to 8.
- No, apart from the stats and the ring the game is the same for each character. I'm thinking about changing them a bit, though. I'm thinking of making the first character a bit easier (give him 15 life probably) and then make each character 1 step harder.

Thanks a lot for playing the game so much and leaving all these notes, RipplePoint! I really appreciate it! Gives me a lot of insight on how easy/hard the game is and where it can be improved. Cheers!