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So, I've finally had time to finish this game and wanted to make some additional remarks to the last levels (that I didn't manage to play before):

I really love the idea of the mouths. It fits perfectly with the story, both their attack and how powerful the "No." is. And I'm happy with how the ending went.
I think I already said that, but I really like that there is no immediate tutorial on how to deal with what enemy - or the giant. Maybe after some failed attempts, but I guess not everybody is as stupid as me with the card-eating enemy and just attacks stones.^^ But in general I like that.

Some bugs that I found:

Somehow after the card-eating-level there are dagger monsters that allow my will to go into the negative and keep playing. Its the level directly after the card-eating. There is something not working there.

Also when I try to petrify a tear-drop and the end (with that eye card), the game is stuck. It can be solved with refreshing, but that's a little annoying.

Overall, I really loved it.

All the best.