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maybe this comment has SPOILERS, so leave if you haven't played the game or beware.

(translation done by Google translator, forgive me even if it was bad, I don't know how to speak your language.)

look... what can i tell you? the songs are amazing and very nice to listen to, the game itself too, is very good, along with the story too, and how much it makes you like the characters in the theater so that there isn't even a happy ending for them, and you get sad for if identify maybe or because you liked the characters themselves, so there really isn't a happy ending for them, but a beautiful story at the end and... ah, it was one of my best experiences.

and then you ask me: 

"ah, but is this game worth it?"

and I answer you highlighted, that:


how much the price cost, and how much for the game itself, are they worth it.

Well, I don't think I'm forgetting to say anything else, right? so I close here.