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I really enjoyed this game. Others have commented on the length and I too wished it was a little longer; I felt I had just gotten into the groove of each little mechanic. The ability to inquire about specific portions of a story or each character's knowledge of a piece of physical evidence is very nice. With lots of options at the user's fingertips, it's satisfying when your own curiosity is reflected in the ability to formulate a "question" that pushes the narrative forward. I never felt like I was simply choosing from a predetermined list of options. 

I will say that I wish the glimpses (shadows) of characters were less obvious when recounting the memories. If the suspect can't recall what a person looked like, or didn't see them at all, I shouldn't be able to clearly make out their outline either. Also, the only functional bug I saw was the timeline slider acting funny on my ultra-wide monitor, but it could be worked around quite easily.

Regardless of those little things, I think the core here is very strong. With a well written narrative, these mechanics could be expanded nicely to a range of settings. While I liked the daemons storyline, this gameplay would be enjoyable in a huge range of circumstances; from school-yard sleuthing to neighbourhood detective to a deeply intertwined whodunnit.

I hope to see another iteration!