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Cute graphics; it wasn't obvious that the enemies were thumbs/fingers though. Anyway, I do like the design of King Poi's door.

It's a very short playthrough, but I'm interested to see where it goes. The jump in the game feels way more vertical than horizontal, not to mention the limited scope of the game screen makes it hard to tell where you're jumping. But I thought the fighting was very fluid, so long as I was on a flat platform fighting the enemies.

PS at the end of the demo, it is possible to fall off the platform on the far right and get stuck. I imagine this would be fixed in a post jam version, however. :P

hhaha yeaah. You pretty much hit all the key issues I wanted to fix with the post jam version (+ add a boss fight), it really sucks when you run out of time and cant do everything but hey thats the point right. Thank you for your feedback, it was helpful and I'll be taking it into account when creating the postjam game!