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This is one of the better bitsy games I've played. I like that it was inspired by a short story. I think this could really help people get in the mindset of characters by playing through the plot like this. It makes me think about connecting youth (like high schoolers) with more classical literature. You should make more bitsy games that take you through short stories as the main protagonist! May I suggest The Lottery by Shirley Jackson?


Thank you for your kind words :)

While this game is not a direct adaptation, I think it might push someone to check the original story out.  

I definitely would like to make some other tiny games inspired by literature in the future. My previous Bitsy game "House of the Living" uses some elements from Poe's "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar," but it is far from an adaptation. It is a more generic Gothic story.

I haven't read the Lottery, but glancing at the plot it looks like something definitely  in my wheelhouse!