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Best game on playdate, that I've found, and I'm on itch and dev forum. The writing feels super authentic. I'd love a series of these with different slices of life. Needs ported to PC officially so I can recommend it to even more people.

Echoing some comments -

Minigame. The characters talk like I should get a certain score in the minigame but no clue what it is? If this is just to get me to play more it could use an update. Maybe less "mansplaining" and more the developer of the game is on a similar life path, then I'd know to play and enjoy it as much as possible.

The apartment has nothing to do. Thematically I kind of get it, but I don't even see evidence of the story. Or even buy decorations. Like after the sake episode you could buy a sake cup set that shows in the apartment.

Dialogue doesn't match time. Sometimes I'm telling characters goodnight at 7am. Maybe dialog should be more dynamic to the clock when you open the convo. (The same line where it says "goodnight" could be "(yawn) I need a nap". Etc.

Oh and a second save slot so I could show people the intro / new game when I want, would rule.