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It has some drawbacks, like: the jump height is too low, always have a feeling that you are goint to miss the platform, you can fall through a gap beetwen 2 touching platforms. Maybe those are old game callbacks.

The rabbit mentioned that the game was developed for about a month with 8 hours of each day spent. Whose bugs can be easily discovered when testing.

Do you know the feeling that you get from game made by the big company devs, who worked crazy 12 hours shifts? Brain stillness? Maybe it's just me, don't know.

Honestly i don't get the feeling of finding something magical, i just get the feeling of it being a game. You know the typical quest making you circle around the map, npc dialoges are just npc dialoges.

I can't just get rid of this feeling, i see the tricks. Perhaps those tricks were used to give it a vintage touch.

I want to explore the layers of dream, turn around the corner, see that out there, but i can't. It's not a conscious dream anymore. Why can't i ride a giant fish? It's really just a level with a skybox.

Virtual dreams are really boring compared to real dreams.

Honestrly i didn't want to continue playing.

Music is neat.


> I can't just get rid of this feeling, i see the tricks.

It's called "getting old" and nothing any dev can do is going to fix that