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Reviewed for Secret Santa 2018.

You are Kylus, a champion of your chosen deity that is aiming to become a new pharaoh after the old one died. You are required to pass trials of the six Egyptian gods before you are supposed to tackle the Tomb of the Pharaoh. I chose Anubis as my Deity and started my gameplay at his temple.

The dungeons are randomly generated. I found a bug in one room where you could jump off the floor into the walls, but nothing major came out of it. I couldn't use the trick to take a shortcut or anything, and I could safely jump back into the floor to continue my exploration.

There are puzzles in dungeons. In Anubis' dungeon I was tested of my knowledge of Egyptian gods, which I barely have, so I did not find that exactly enjoyable. Failure to answer the question resulted in a battle. I also played Isis' dungeon, in which the puzzles were more classical 'push switch to progress'.

The game features ATB combat. It is done pretty well, although there are two points I'd like to make:
 -You should give the player an option to have the enemies wait while you choose a command. Sometimes I was wondering on which spell to cast while the enemies pounded away whittling my HP.
 -The attack "minigame", while an interesting gimmick at first, becomes rather tedious after a while. And while I understand this is just a demo, hitting the marked area resulting in a miss isn't really fun. You should probably try to make these into certain hits, if possible.

Speaking of combat, I found the encounter rate a little high. I ultimately had to stop in the middle of Isis' temple because both my HP and MP were too low to continue. I played around an hour and a half, so I think I caught a good impression on what to expect.

The game featured pretty, vividly coloured graphics, which didn't deter from the experience. The battle backgrounds felt a bit empty. The music was alright, nothing too memorable, but not at a level where I'd turn the music off.

There were two things concerning plugins I'd like you to address: because I play on a 144Hz gaming monitor, having Synch Monitor FPS turned off by default resulted in sped-up gameplay. I suggest you turn that on when you finish the game. Also, I think having Print Screen save screenshots into MapShots folder isn't exactly expected behaviour, and I suggest you turn Hudell's plugin (I think you're using that) off when deploying. Neither of these is a major issue, though.

A solid entry.