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I was having that issue too, but I just managed to figure out a solution!

Here's my fix for the movement bug:

  1. Start a new game
  2. Press "Q" to bring up the in-game pause menu
  3. Click "Controls"
  4. The game doesn't  seem to think the movement keys have been bound yet, even though it says that they are. So, even though they say they're bound to WASD,  just pretend that they aren't bound to anything, and rebind them manually to WASD:
    1. For "Move forward", click the corresponding "Bind Key" button and press "W".
    2. Do the same for the other three Move keys. (NOTE: For some reason the movement keys seem to be the only ones that need rebinding, so don't bother rebinding the rest.)
  5. Resume the game. The controls should be working now!

I know it seems redundant, but that actually fixed it for me.

omg thanks!!!