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It's not! It's a tiny .exe file downloaded from the Internet so maybe that's why your antivirus is worried about it. If your antivirus supports it, you can send the file to them for further analysis and they'll confirm it's just a false positive.

If you want you can also download the source code from my GitHub and compile it yourself - for Windows you will need any C++ compiler, like Visual Studio. The link is on the game page.

I really hope you get to play my game and let me know what you think \o/

Yes I also uploaded it to Virus Total and it also said it was totally save. It's just my local Avira thinking bad about your work :P the other ones don't trigger. 

It actually made me think of who protects us from this kind of exploitation. 

But I will definitely play and rate your game just like the other :D

Thank you!