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Hello guys,

Your game looks really great but I found some issues/weird things that are worth mentioning:

1. For those who are playing with just a mouse, whould be really great to add a different hover state over the actions. ( like a hand cursor). Example

2.  The idle animations are sometimes too exagerated (especially for BB-X).

3. When some informations are displayed (tooltips etc), why do I need to keep pressing E instead of just a simple press? (with the mouse I just click right away)

4. For someone who is not so keen on cats, on the second stagechapter of the game the frequency of cat sounds is a little annoying. The whole last  cat chapter, was a little bit weird and out of place compared with the general AI/ cyberpunk feel and story...

5. The investigation scene of the dead lady is a little bit boring, maybe is taking too long to find some clues or dunno. (also please note that not all the text is displayed correctly Example).

6. The clues, gears and watch minigame is confusing. Even after reading the little info, I still didn't understand what I need to do. I mean, what needs to be connected to what?

I don't understand

I finished it only after I watched a playthrough on Youtube... maybe make it more simple or add some other posible solutions/options so the players don't get stuck.

Note1: maybe rebind key "move gears" to right click mouse, not space bar...

Note 2: also maybe make all the gear teeth the same and not different shapes.

Things that I like:

1. Great world detail: your artist have done a good job on making this world alive and rich.

2. Environment animations

3. Visual Effects

So... this is a little interesting game  and I hope you'll create something good and fun. 

Good luck with your game,


Thank you very much for playing our game. We are still trying to make this game better, we will take your suggestion carefully, thank you again