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A question first (I will post a review in a moment in a seperate post): Does this game have some sequence at the end. The card-eating box seems dead and it says "I defended this madness[...] but here my journey continue." (btw, I'm not a native English speaker, so I could be wrong, but I think it should be continues). But there is nothing about the giant. So I kept beating up the box for a while and when nothing happened I tried to eliminate the stones around it to see whether there is something, but I found nothing that looked like an ending. Is it already over or am I supposed to do somethin? (I have this sword that keeps coming back, so I can fight for all infinity...but nothing happens.)

Ha ha, you are supposed to click on the dead box so you enter in it and the game continue. Really sorry for that being hard to figure out, sorry you lost a game here :( I'll definitely make it more obvious !

That's said, there is an ending with the giant in this version, but I plan to improve it in the future.

Thanks for the answer. I thought I did click on it, but apparently I didn't, because I tried (what I thought again) and it worked.  I should have thought of that before. Now I wish I hadn't used so many of my weapons before. And I found a new bug, if it can be called thus. I let the game open, because I didn't want to give up and now went back to it with the info, but I guess it's not made for so long brakes, because on the next level I was supposed to die - the dagger guy attacked me and I was on my knees, but than he attacked again and my will just counted to -3/-3 (or something, definitly minus and proceeded to do so). In that case refreshing the browser didn't do anything and it even showed the will full orange, just with minus numbers. And then with the mouths it counted up and once I was at zero again the will was white instead of orange (as usual, just that at that point it said 0/-23 or something). And then I somehow did die. I suppose it wasn't meant to count to negative numbers, but also letting the game open so long and while commenting here (with another browser, so the cookies shouldn't be affected, but it's the same IP-adress) is propably not meant to happen :-D