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I'll post this here just in case:

Concept: Travel into another world, based on Norse Mythology.  Learn the local language as you go along.

The game is a jrpg in a setting of Norse mythology. A big part of the game is learning the language of the world you travel to, which has implications both for understanding what people say but also for combat, as learning a characters language gives them a cooperative benefit.

Key features:

Player has a language value which goes down as time passes, which can be recharged.

Player also has a comprehension level for each language they understand, denoting in percentage the minimum amount of understanding they can have when talking to people speaking that language. At the moment the only language working is the Aesir language, although another language is programmatically implemented (and more are intended).

Player gets weaker as he performs actions (at the moment the only action in question is movement). Player needs to rest at an inn or elsewhere to recuperate to maximum performance.

Let me know if you find any bugs, or if you have any opinions of what should be or shouldn't be in the game, as well as clear imbalances in the game!