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Definingly worth a look into, I was surprised at its efficiency, with seemingly just a couple dice rolls I had a brand new fully fleshed out world to explore --- it just built itself.

 M.A.G.E.S shines in it's ability to organically create and inspire from just a few simple rolls, with the chapter system there to support the actual gameplay/story side of it. It took a second read through to get a handle on all the systems, but with how short the instructions are it didn't take long.

M.A.G.E.S takes what could be considered a simple random idea generator, and turns it into a fully fleshed out world with surprising depth; the more you play, the more it shines. Its bare bones setup allows for the story to write itself, but still brings enough control and guidance to make enjoyable gameplay.

If you're been looking for a lightweight, and unrestrained G.M. emulator this is it, and the best part is it works really well even for solo play, so it only takes a few minutes to get something up and running.