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Not sure where to leave feedback or report stuff.

Game stops running if page is not active on top. if i switch to a different tab in the same window it doesn't run in the background.

At times I have noticed the costs for additional balls goes up and down. for exampled ball 55/100 800 mill, ball 56/100 1000 million, ball 57 732 m , 58, 650 mill. numbers are just for illustration purposes only.

Are lazers affected by prestige mods?

Please add some text letting us know there is a cap on upgrades or prestige if they exist. 

Possible suggestions for future additions:

adding tertiary affects to balls after capping first mod, Chaining of skills through blocks, cannonballs periodically exploding, secondary waves for plasma balls, infection growth to nearby blocks,

option to reset damage counters to test effectiveness of different setups.

add some text explaining prestige and what it does. I have never played a game with such a thing and it was very unexpected and i almost didnt continue playing after getting sent back to level one. 

add some elevational marks to the sniper symbol as now it just looks like a + ball