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i had the best day playing secret little haven, and i don't know how to find the words to express just how much the game means to me as a trans girl. i wish i could share the sheer excitement and happiness and catharsis, and how much it helped me process emotions i didn't realize i had blocked up for so long.

like, i initially went into it expecting fond memories of that period of my life, growing up on the internet, but secret little haven is everything i didn’t realize i wanted someone to say to me right now, tailored so perfectly to me and my life in so many details that it honestly still feels kinda surreal.

the experience of re-living those years and having someone tell me that it's gonna be ok, and to feel fully accepted, was so cathartic and good, that the moment i closed the game i just collapsed crying until my boyfriend carried me to bed and we had a long talk and i realized just how much i had not accepted my own transition, and how invalid and fake i felt.