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I finally got to fritz... and even though it was the good ending i played i sobbed so much at the loss of the characters i had grown so familiar with and loved through the other character routes. The plot really opened up and became so complex and layered during his route and it was a hell of a journey all throughout - the feeling of constantly being in danger and knowing that anything could go wrong because of the nearby threat of the evil characters made the story that much more compelling. I just...  i was crying so much. I wanted to say though... the way in which the story was told and carried through was really mindblowing. I was so emotionally invested in the entire world that i didn't take a break from playing this route. This really transformed the way i imagined regular storytelling. I still have to do the bad ending for Fritz and I have yet to do Waltz's route but i need to recover emotionally before i do those. I wanted to leave a comment though because im fEELiNG so many emotions and im awe-struck at just how brilliant this story is. Thank you guys for creating it and sharing it with the us.