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Thanks Moose ! That's interesting about keyboard / mouse being easier. In order to make the game accessible to more players, we added support for keyboard / mouse and the singleplayer survival mode. This reaffirms my desire to ship the game for Xbox and/or PS! As it was designed to be played w/ gamepads all along. I'm thinking of ways to nerf the keyboard / mouse controls to put them on the same line as the gamepads, but feel that would be the wrong move. Will have to think more on this!

Powerups would be interesting, but would make Astervoid a very different style of game. They won't make it into Astervoid 2000, but possibly in future versions down the road.

Great to hear you've tried multiplayer, too! Have you and your friends found that tapping boost is better for dodging & speed, or do you usually just hold down the boost button?

Thanks for the quick reply!

I personally like to use the boost with the charge to quickly move away from my opponents fire and also to get in a more offensive position closer to my opponent. I haven't actually tried just holding it down yet. I'm still learning how to properly use all the mechanics to play more effectively.