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Alpha3 is now out on itch! 

As discussed on Kickstarter, this brings in the Patron update that includes additional content on a monthly basis as a special thanks to early backers. The Patron's first Commission is an Encounter nearly ten thousand words in length, so this is a substantial amount of new content available to everyone.

Full release notes are below.

November 23 2018 —

  • Alpha3 release, and final (?) demo release
  • Preliminary accessibility update adding img alt text to primary icons for players using screen readers; this will be an ongoing fix, but many of the more vital icons now have proper descriptions
  • Added access for Supporter Content to those who were early backers or Patreon supporters
  • The Patron has set up shop in the City! Check Kickstarter for details about this eccentric figure
  • The Patron's first Commission is now playable — help him pick up a particularly special parcel
  • All four Attribute internships are available in the Alcyone demo now. Enjoy pursuing the Mind and Charm tracks in addition to the existing Body and Vigour ones
  • Slight font size tweaks to the header text at the start of each passage
  • Encounter "Trapped" has been tweaked to provide additional solutions for players who didn't pursue the Body internship
  • Made some edits to the wording in certain character creation passages, and some additional writing edits throughout the first four internships
  • Audio levels have been tweaked across the board to help with competing against screen readers
  • Fixed a crossfading bug with the Encounter versions of music tracks so spoopy ambience works like it's supposed to!
  • Huge overhaul to how variables are handled in the game; this breaks old save files, but should not impact them going forward
  • Visual tweaks to better differentiate conversation bubbles from regular story text