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I really liked playing this game. At first sight it will not impress you. But when you start playing, all you want to do is play some more.

This game is a falling game + Mario + Arcade + Ghouls and Ghosts mixed together.

The objective is to get far down as possible, trying to hit over enemies on your way down for combos. To control you fall, you can go left or right, or use a double jump, either, to get to some monster and continue a combo or to start a new one, jumping over enemies.

If you hit enemies sideways, you'll lose some clothes (lives) until you die, turning into a skeleton, just like Ghouls and Ghost, pretty fun!

The sfx are good and fit well.

The music is pretty cool as well.

For the next review, if you have someone to play with you (2P game only), try my game:

if not, try my friend's one: