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The art for the game is fantastic! More particularly I love the writing so far, the humour is fast-paced (the amount of times I twisted my tongue trying to pronounce Magic Girl's characters made the running gag more enjoyable) and each character is portrayed so vividly that it makes it hard to select a character branch - it will definitely be harder to hone down on a single favourite character once the full game is out! It's also cool already from the demo, you get a massive hint of each character's twist.

The game was rather silent (I had to play my own music) but I'm guessing there will be more audio in the full game. I'd love to see how the audio and bg music would elevate the game's pace and humour!

A smaller tidbit but when Natsu speaks about her future and how she's expected to decide on what to do in the future was one of my favourite scenes. I just wanted to let you know that I felt that and it makes her more relatable. 

Anyway, thanks for the demo! Its nice to have a simple and enjoyable plot and how a simple convenience store has been transformed into a world of its own. I can't wait for the full release~