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Congrats on a wonderful version of my all-time favourite OutRun! Is there any way to play this on a mac, but preferably not via 'bootcamp' and installing the dreaded Windows? Sorry for being a pain.

God Bless xxx


Hi MajorPlop!!! Thank you very much for your feedback.  Now, the game is for Windows and Linux in native mode, but not for MAC,  in fact, I don't have MAC. I think that maybe, I don't know, there is any way to compile C++ code from Windows with a cross platform compiler to be executed on MAC, I 'd have to make some research about it. Apart from using bootcamp, you can use Wine. It is a tool provided for Linux and MAC to execute windows programs directly on them without installing any new OS. However, I dont't know how it is going to work because I haven't tried it.  Perhaps, you can test it and comment how is your gaming experience. Thank you very much for your support!!!!

Hi ZgzInfinity!

Thanks so much for your reply. I've used 'Wine' in the past for a couple of games, but it's very hit & miss, though I will look into it, & report back. Anyhow, well done on a great version of OutRun, my favourite all-time arcade game, it was so groundbreaking at the time, and very pretty to look at, you've done an excellent job!