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I used Tiled for all my games until now. Eight of them - though not all on here. Two Unity games, six in a custom engine.

I'm using all layer types, and I'm extensively using object, layer and map properties. I use it mostly for levels (showed as parallax levels by using a depth property. Mostly orthogonal, sometimes isometric maps). I also create UI with it sometimes. In object groups, I use sprite objects, geometric objects (like polygons) and text objects.

I sometimes use Tiled's terrains, but I also created my own tools for "decorating" Tiled greyboxes, which serve a similar purpose. Here's an example:

I've never used Wang sets, infinite maps, or Tiled's tile collision system. I made my own way of encoding tile collision types more efficiently (e.g. marking climbable, destructible tiles).

As a nice bonus of the way I'm using Tiled: all of my games are easily moddable: the Tiled maps are parts of the (streaming) assets folder, not encoded. So if you're interested in the details, just have a look. :-)

You can find my games here:

An isometric game that's not on itch is here:

If you want to know more, let me know. I can also upload my biggest Tiled game here for reference (which is all about modding using Tiled). I was planning to do that sometime anyway...