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As of yesterday night, I had just completed this game, and I will say this game is absolutely outstanding! The GUI is beautiful and the storyline really knows how to pull the player in! As for the post game questions;

1. Nino. He is such a hardass in the begining, but I think that just gives him more charm and more personality! The way him and Vestr interact feels real and the developtment of the relationship is so fun to read!
2. I have sadly not, but by far of any other VN's I have played, this is truely the best! In my eyes its hard to match this story and characters!
3. I would love to! The game is very cute and does feel complete with how it is now, but if it did get updated for more chapters, I wouldn't complain!
4. I feel that it would be easier to have a Q&A on tumblr rather than
5. Honestly, I feel that this is perfect the way it is. The extra's after completeing the game as well are a good way to get the player more immeresed. By explaining more of the thought process of each characters design and personality, to the bigger story that you wouldn't have seen unless it was explained!

All in all, this game is truely amazing and i'll be sure to keep a watch on any other games you may post in the future!