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Hey! Opened up the game, and I have to say it looks amazing but there seems to be something up with the inventory and things don't always get picked up unless you click somewhere else on screen? As in, you can't click on an item directly and pick it up, you have to pick it up in an odd maneuver of clicking around it till it let's you pick it up.

Is this  a bug?

I love this game so far, and I've tried recording it twice already because this game looks amazing! Please let me know what's up!

- Maya

The mouse cursor and the selection box aren't aligned. I opened the game back up. This is too good a game to not give another shot. I think this is what the problem is.

- Maya

Hi! Thank you for reporting this. Is the problem with all the items, or only specific items? And if it's with all the items, what resolution is your screen? 

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No problem.

The problem seems to be with everything except the menu selection and the back arrow.  Here's a quick show of the bugged game play. I went back and clicked on everything. You see that it seems the game is registering my clicks too far up and to the left, meaning if I want to select something, I need to click down and to the right of what I want to select. This makes selecting items in the inventory impossible. My screen resolution is 1920 X 1080 (the recommended resolution for my computer). It's a pretty new computer, and it doesn't have issues with other games (I pulled up a few other games to test it out).

I love this game concept. I hope this helps!

EDIT: The Youtube link was't working, so I tried adding it again. I left a link of the issues above.

Hey! Again, thank you for showing this for us. There is now an updated version on the page that you can download that sould fix any problems you had with the colliders. The problem was that we didn't calculate hitboxes correctly when playing in any other resolution than 1920x1080. I hope this works, and that you will enjoy this game.

Ps: The links doesn't work now but it did work earlier so I was able to see the video :p

I'm glad you were able to fix it! I'll record the gameplay later today!

- Maya