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Well, I got off work and this was the first thing that popped back into my brain for my nightly to-do list, so I just gave the demo a whirl. I've gotta say, as far as demos go this is freaking polished! 

From the start, I really enjoyed the vibe I got from the front menu and the title screen music, really nice stuff. The pacing of the beginning text and the brief overview of the world we're entering as the game starts are really nicely thought out. I've played some VN's that either jumped right into the story far too quickly as well as some that went lore-heavy too fast, too soon, so I know it can be difficult to strike a balance in between somewhere. You seem to be doing pretty alright thus far in that respect, though we're yet to discover what this new world has to offer so we'll see how it progresses. 

The 3D model rendering is nicely captured, especially the lighting which by itself makes each scene feel vibrant, even with minimal textures. Adding textures to liven each model and scene will take this even further, but I also recognize that this is a task by itself, so I won't judge one way or another. I'll take it as icing on the cake if it does happen haha!

All in all, I'm really stoked to see where this goes from here. It's nice to see a unique, even more modern take on visual novels. It's a genre that's still growing into itself, but it's nice to see innovation and new ideas popping up still to this day!