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Hello, do you plan to do any physical tutorial? I think the physics of the car are impressive. Great job.

Hi, thanks for asking. I hadn't considered that but that but I might do so if I get a chance. The problem with vehicle physics, especially for a top down racer, is that it has to be faked parameters to a large extent to get an arcade-like feel to them so it may be very individual based on the proportions of the car etc.

I think it gives a fantastic arcade / simulation feeling and I would love to know how to do some physics like that. I am very fond of car games and I would like to make a game for people who enjoy the sensation of skidding and counter-steering (driving). If you can help me with some advice, I'd appreciate it, I'm new to Unity development and I'm a little lost. Best regards.

Are you going to take it out to the app store? I would love to try it.