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I love this--Mostly.

It's got the classic Zelda feel it seems like it was going for down pat. It's got a good use of resources in enemy designs, making the three slimes feel distinct in behavior and I do love that skull guy. The overall area map is well done and thought out. I'm into this. This is my Jam with a capital J. 

My only real critique going forward is to be very careful with that low-rez effect. I played through to the end with it on and was enjoying myself, but finding a creeping nausea as I continued onward. I'm not normally someone who suffers from simulation sickness--I usually have to dip into VR before I start having that, but it was there and it was undeniable.  I also experienced some issues with staying oriented, but I'm not entirely sure that wasn't to design. After reaching the end and learning how to turn it off, I was actually kind of shocked; this game is pretty. Your textures look great and I felt like a lot of the models actually felt like they had even more character without it. I respect the developer's creative decision to use the filter, but I hope going forward they'll consider tweaking it so it's less severe or even giving the user the ability to shut it off up front via a menu. 

Even with that though? Full marks, especially for a gam jam entry. I love it and hope to see more soon!