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Hello everyone,

It's been a little while longer than I anticipated but I'm now ready to continue with Red Desert. I have a long list to get through and as before I'll be updating every Monday with the progress of the last week, and also what I'm planning for the week to come.

So this week I want to get some of the boring technical stuff out of the way. Saving and loading, screen size adjustment, some speech bubbles for the npcs would be great too. I'll look into some more fun stuff if I get through those.

Hopefully this break will allow me to come back to Red Desert with a fresh overview of all the mechanics, what will work, what isn't necessary, that kind of thing. Plus now that the gameplay is pretty much built I can focus on the broader elements of the game such as story arcs, difficulty curves, tutorials, and how everything that's there can come together to make one cohesive thing.

The first post now contains the new demo so if you have a spare few minutes today then check it out! I'd really appreciate it. If you want to leave any comments then I'd really appreciate that too!

Thanks for taking to time to read this, and check back next Monday when I'll have some real updates for you all!