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About RAM usage. I'm aware and I'm trying to make it more RAM efficient. However, it needs to remember the entire world and therefore it will always use more RAM the longer you walk.

The FOV is just Unity's default value, I think for this kind of tech demo that's good enough. I'll look into the mouse grabbing issue.

Save to world (with a simple chunk format) to the harddrive? It shouldn't take that much disk-space, considering it's just a bunch of prefabs/instances with transforms (and probability values or something?).


Is the method deterministic?  Unless you can modify the world, there's no reason to save it.

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It's not deterministic because the order that things are generated changes based on where the player chooses to walk, and things that have already been generated place constraints on things that have not been generated yet. 

That being said, since it's based on tiles, I'd assume there's a lot of room for optimizing RAM usage (and also unloading far-away areas to a file on disk if you want to get fancy).