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Just made an account to say thank you for creating this amazing game. I played about 20hrs over 3 days and finally beat it. Lots of fun and really enjoyed the boss mechanics. Very excited for the final game to be polished.

Some bugs I noticed:

- Cards don't work properly on the last stage. Squares would shift and end up too far away or overlapping. When I used Petrify on a teardrop, game would crash and I would have to restart.

- Some challenges (for friends) are not tracking correctly. e.g. Monsters with stars, Discovering 40/40 cards are not working.

Gameplay feedback:

- Definitely need better tool tips. I did not realize the shield could break after taking too much damage. Or that the thunder demon removed ALL buffs, including from boss drops.

- Friends need better descriptions for the challenge, the requirements can be confusing some times. Also, players should know the reward for unlocking a friend, so that they know which friends to prioritize.

- Overall balancing. Some of the boss drops abilities are not as useful. In the same vein, AOE and steals are really strong, while daggers, traps, and swords are useless late game. Possible suggestions: e.g. increase the number of daggers from chests, change boss drops too add steal to swords, or AOE to traps.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Hi, thank you very much for your comments ! It really helps ! here are some answers :

bugs : I definitely need to polish the final "fight". And indeed, a few challenges don't work, will be fix.

gameplay : I like that some mechanics are not explained completely, specially in the end, when the player feel like he master everything. For example, the shield can take damage and break only late in game, once you're already a good player and you know many other tips to survive. The thunder demon remove all  your magical power for one turn, but I think it's written in his description ;)

balance : don't hesitate to tell me which boss drops can be improved (removed?),  which are too strong (double arrow ? ) ?

Keep working on it ! Thanks a lot !